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Understanding Employment Law: Recruitment, Management, and Termination

Dive into the complexities of hiring, managing, and ending employee relationships. Gain insights into recruitment, employment rights, and termination practices, and earn a valuable digital diploma upon completion.

5. oktober 2023

In this course, we will delve into common legal issues related to the hiring of employees, challenges that can arise during the employment period, and the complexities involved in terminating an employment agreement.

Upon completing this course, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of:

  • The legal considerations in the recruitment process and the creation of employment contracts.
  • The essential rights and responsibilities of both parties throughout the employment period.
  • Topics such as parental rights, sick leave, annual holidays, and more.
  • The disciplinary measures that can be taken against employees.
  • The termination of employment contracts, including discussions on unfair dismissals in general and specific unlawful reasons for termination.

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