Aerospace and Defense

12. maj 2023

At GEODIS, our primary mission is to help you overcome your Aerospace and Defense logistical constraints.

Our activities for the Aviation, Space, and Defense sector tackle the specific challenges of each stakeholder, from manufacturer to after-sales service.

GEODIS uses its thorough knowledge of Aerospace and Defense logistics to create new methods and tools for optimizing the supply chains in this Vertical Market.

Our teams analyze the challenges of each industry – while taking their evolution into account – to offer customized, flexible, and agile solutions.

We also emphasize a business culture focused on innovation, with a community of experts who embrace creativity and teamwork.

We have successfully merged with startups, and we continuously invest in and test a variety of innovative concepts that will impact the supply chain of tomorrow.

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GEODIS Denmark A/S

GEODIS Denmark A/S
Oliefabriksvej 29-43
2770 Kastrup

Jesper Jensen
Telefon: +45 26821891

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