RD Support - Micro pump

24. maj 2023

We have designed and developed our own peristaltic micro pump, that offers significant benefits over the microfluidic pumping systems.

  • Easily integrated into any moulded cartridge
  • Large range of pumping seeds available (from uL/min to ml/min depending on configuration
  • Low surface energy Polypropylene material ideal for (molecular) medical applications
  • Highly suited to pick and place high volume manufacturing
  • Enables on card closed loop pumping
  • Inexpensive, disposable pump ring
  • Standard or bespoke options available
  • Consistent and reliable flow
  • Simple integration into instrument with zero net force
  • Patented options for integration of valves and multiple inlets and outlets

For more information, press HERE

RD-Support ApS

RD-Support ApS
Måløv Værkstedsby 79
2760 Måløv

Maria Nørbæk
Telefon: +45 28300620

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