Conduct after capture

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The purpose of the Conduct After Capture course is to instill course participants with knowledge and insight, and to assist in the development of skills which will enhance the ability to stay alive during a piracy attack and after a hostage incident.

Course Content
  • Essential concepts and foundations of life-threatening environments, piracy attacks and hostage-dom.- Survival Psychology, Psycho-traumatology, and Crisis & Catastrophe Psychology. - Individual and social aspects of extreme stress, and human adaption. - Individual and social approaches to enhance the possibility of survival during piracy attacks and hostage-dom. - Integrated Psychological First Aid towards self and others. - Internal mechanics of negotiations and rescue operations. - Professional intervention/Psychological Debriefing (1 full day add-on).
  • Offshore personnel (Maritime or Oil & Gas) operating in High Risk Areas.

Course Objectives By the end of the Conduct After Capture course, the participant should be able to: - Recognize and understand internal reactions, as well as reactions in pirates/hostage- takers. - Consider possible and appropriate actions in order to counter unwanted reactions in him-/herself, as well as life-threatening behavior from pirates. - Initiate appropriate actions which will enhance survivability during a piracy attack and while being held hostage. - Counter long-term effects of a piracy attack/hostage incident.

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