Danish emergency team course refresher incl. huet (detc-r)

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This training enables to safeguard Maersk Oil Danish Business Unit (MO) and contractor Duty Roster personnel on board offshore installations thus being able to respond to offshore emergency situations in regards to:

  • General offshore safety
  • Abandoning the installation
  • Fire prevention and firefighting including smoke diving
  • Helicopter transport and underwater escape
  • First aid treatment

Course Content Theory combined with practical exercises:
  • 4 lessons First Aid
  • 4 lessons Basic Fire Fighting
  • 3 lessons Sea Survival
  • 1 lesson HUET theory
  • 4 lessons HUET practical training
  • 8 lessons Advanced Fire Fighting incl. smoke diving and fire fighting in hydrocarbons
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS A valid health certificate as per MO requirement
  • Participation in the Danish Emergency Team Course (DETC) within four (4) years (first time refreshment)
  • Participation in the Danish Emergency Team Course Refresher (DETC-R) within four (4) years (second time refreshment and onwards).

Course Objectives By completion of the course the following knowledge and skills shall be refreshed: First aid: The participant shall be able to perform immediate first aid in situations relevant to North Sea offshore installations. Fire fighting: In addition to the requirements of the Basic Offshore Safety Course (BOSC) the participant shall refresh the knowledge and skills obtained in fire fighting using pressurized water hoses, fire fighting on the helicopter deck, hydrocarbon (liquid and gas) fire fighting and fire fighting & personnel rescue in smoke-filled enclosed space using respiratory protective equipment. Helicopter transport: The participant shall refresh the knowledge of safety measures during helicopter transport including emergency procedures and emergency equipment. Helicopter evacuation: The participant shall refresh the knowledge of and complete exercises in helicopter escape; including underwater escape using emergency breathing systems. Sea survival: The participant shall refresh the knowledge of life boat muster lists and drills on offshore installations, practical use of life saving appliances commonly used on offshore installations, including escape chute (minimum 5 cells), personal life saving appliances and survival techniques. Personal safety: The participant shall refresh the competences within general safety aspects of an offshore installation and the correct application of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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