Fire team leader

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The purpose of the course is to qualify the course participant in such a way that he/she will be able to act as fire chief during fire fighting on vessels. The course is in compliance with STCW-95, table A-VI/1-3.


Course Content TARGET GROUP Maritime personnel who shall be part of the fire chief preparedness, cf. applicable regulations for preparedness on board vessels. COURSE CERTIFICATE Maersk Training issues a qualifying diploma. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS At beginning of the course, the course participants shall show valid documentation of health in the form of:
  • Blue Book, max. 2 years old
  • Health certificate, max. year old
  • Documentation of 3 days\\\' basic training/refresher.

Course Objectives After completion of the course, the course participant shall have acquired:
  • Knowledge of the special conditions in relation to fire on vessels
  • Appreciation of the fire managerial functions during fire and in daily life
  • Ability to use communications paths during fire fighting
  • Ability to plan, carry out and evaluate a minor fire drill
  • Refreshing of smoke-helmeted fireman technique/-tactic
  • Have acted as fire chief during a fire service drill during a fire on vessel

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