Lifeboat coxswain

Løbende optagelse

To train personnel intended to work offshore or in the maritime world in using a Lifeboat as the mean of rescue.


Course Content On completion of the course the trainee should be able to:
  • Use the release system of the lifeboat and be familiar with the equipment and design of the lifeboat
  • Prepare and supervise the launching of the lifeboat
  • Carry out an evacuation with the lifeboat to safety
  • Carry out MOB and manoeuvring in a lifeboat
  • Supervise the preparation of the davit-launched inflatable life raft
  • Have knowledge about compass navigation
  • Have knowledge about radio communication
  • Have knowledge about communication in a crises situation
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Participation presupposes that participants have completed an Offshore Basic Safety Training course.

Course Objectives Give the participant the knowledge and skills needed as a Lifeboat Coxswain including the knowledge and demand for all safety personnel according to guidelines from the Danish Department of Environment and Department of Energy, making it possible for the participant to be coxswain of a lifeboat, being in charge of muster, launching, manoeuvre and departure from platform to a safe area.

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