Mob boat coxswain

Løbende optagelse

To train personnel intended to work offshore or in the maritime world in using a Man Over Board Boat (MOB-Boat) as the mean of rescuing casualties in the water.


Course Content Upon completing the course the student should be able to:
  • Give lifesaving first aid
  • Know the construction and content of the MOB-Boat
  • Launching and recovering of MOB-Boat
  • Demonstrate proper use of MOB-Boat
  • Recover casualty from water
  • Conduct simple search patterns
  • Avoid panic in connection with capsizing
ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Participation presupposes that participants have completed a Basic Offshore Safety Course.

Course Objectives To give the student sufficient knowledge, skills and attitude, so this will enable the individual to take the command over a MOB boat, and furthermore could carry out elementary principles for search pattern. The student should furthermore be able to perform recovering of a person in water and give lifesaving first aid of casualty.

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