Shoulder measurement

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As of 1st April 2015 all helicopter passengers travelling offshore in the UK are required to have a shoulder measurement to make sure their size is compatible with the nearest authorized underwater escape exit. Helicopter passengers with a shoulder width of more than 55.9cm (22”) will be classified as extra broad (XBR), while those with a shoulder width of 55.9cm or less will be classed as ‘regular’. At least 30% of seats on all helicopter types are suitable for XBRs. With good planning, there should never be an issue for seats. Measurements will be taken with an approved set of calipers and be recorded centrally into VANTAGE, by the measurer. This will allow every flight to be planned in advance in accordance with available seats.


Course Content The content contains following:
  • Shoulder Measurement per delegate
  • REgistration of result per delegate
VALIDITY 4 years ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS There are no specific requirements fot his course, but having VANTAGE number will enable MT to register measurement in VANTAGE

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