Drone inspection course

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In cooperation with COWI, we offer the drone inspection course, which is a specialization on top of the mandatory drone license. The purpose of the course is to upgrade and qualify drone pilots to make professional inspections of areas, buildings, wind turbines, etc. Using standardized operating procedures (SOPs), you will learn how to fly and take the right images to ensure a consistent high quality of your inspections - every time. In addition to the necessary insight into all the theory behind, you will solve a practical task on the course and get subsequent help with the material handling. This is done through COWI\'s unique new Multiviewer (launched in 2018), but the same principles can also be used in other software solutions.    

Course Content The course is a mix of both theory and practical training.The course is a mix of both theory and practical training.You need to have a drone and a computer at your disposal during the inspection course.We recommend you bring your owndrone for the equivalent category.Alternatively, we can offer drones to be rented for the course. Admission Requirements The candidate must be minimum 18 years of age and have a drone license. Flight experience required: Drone license in Cat. 1A, Cat. 1B or Cat. 2.

Course Objectives The aim is to give the candidates awareness and understanding of: Theory module:
  • What is inspection?
  • What is inspection?
  • Case studies
  • Precision measurement
  • Process and procedures
  • Data structure
  • DroneDeploy
  • Scopito
  • Safety
Practical module: Practical module:Practical module:• Proper inspection• Flight Patterns• SOP• Material Handling• Delivery
  • Proper inspection
  • Flight Patterns
  • SOP
  • Material Handling
  • Delivery

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