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Accelerate Business Transformation with Cloud Operations

We know how to take care of Cloud operations so you can focus on your business.

Moving to the Cloud and having up-to-date business applications makes everything easier for companies and IT departments. But it tends to get complicated very quickly with regular updates, multiple integrations and connected services.

While the first step is the technology you choose, it’s equally important to look at your company’s cloud migration as a holistic business transformation. To be successful, you must pay attention to change and people management. The result is worth it when you get cloud operations right and transform your entire organization.
Business and IT managers believed the Cloud would finally free companies from demanding business systems. Costs and resources spent on operating, maintaining and upgrading hardware and software would diminish. At the same time, the business would get up-to-date and user-friendly systems by migrating to the Cloud.

Indeed, cloud solutions offer major benefits, including reduced costs and enhanced flexibility for today’s business needs. According to calculations conducted by Infor, companies can save up to 50% compared to running on-premise solutions as soon as they switch to the Cloud.

Making it vital that you have an experienced cloud partner
Most people have noticed the IT landscape has become more complex. The stream of updates, new IT services to solve specific needs, and multiple integrations have produced different but equally demanding challenges for businesses and IT managers.

From now on, the Cloud requires a different approach to running IT operations. For example, you’re sharing control of your IT platform with application providers, such as Microsoft and Infor, since they manage updates on their platforms. You can’t completely cancel updates, either. And you shouldn’t if you want to get a relevant and secure solution. In the worst-case scenario, if you haven’t checked or tested everything properly, these updates could cost you downtime across the entire system. And, in the Cloud, the performance of IT solutions affects the entire business. That’s why we recommend our customers start building the governance of the future operation in advance. You will need completely different processes, skillsets and resources to build and operate your cloud solution to ensure your business continues.

Therefore, your cloud’s success doesn’t only depend on the technology you purchase. Companies should approach any IT project holistically. When you buy technology, you’re not getting the change, yet managing the IT changes across your organization is crucial to success.

Additionally, we see that big transformation projects don’t have an end date. Even when you reach your desired state, new trends and customers’ demands will push you to work on the next state. That’s why all IT projects are run iteratively or with an agile approach. They start with your minimum viable product and then progress step by step. Calibrating your current results is essential.

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